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“I love the way Cheryl shares her unique enery and positive attitude with me. For over four years I’ve sweated bullets doing cardio, weights, mat and pilates reformer and Cheryl keeps every workout fresh and innovative. Cheryl is vigilant with my safety and the cleanliness of her studio. I proudly refer my friends and clients to her.”

~ Harriet Segal

“Cheryls excellent instruction and supervision in Pilates helped to improve my breathing and posture, and aided a quicker recovery from my leg injury. Just ask my physiotherapist.”

~John McRae


“Rachael is an amazing teacher, extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. She and pilates have helped put me back on
track, building up much-needed core strength.”

~ Sylvia Andrews

What is training with Cheryl like? Well, she helps you train out of the box, to try new ideas, and to achieve new goals. Her way of training make you look forward to fitness, she has a charming way of cracking the whip, and can make you laugh while working hard at the same time. I think what I really like is that she is flexible, adapts the session to your body so you get the most out of the visit. In these economic times, you need value for your money which she gives. In summary, I feel great training with Cheryl.

Jennifer D., R.N.     

My family doctor recommended I try pilates for a hip soft tissue injury after massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy and IMS over a two year period showed no improvement. Then I found Cheryl and my life changed! Her expertise analysis of the issues and her program of exercise, starting with careful baby steps and then increasing intensity, has made a huge difference for me. My hips are not only pain free, but I walk with strength, balance and freedom of movement that I haven’t experienced for years. Highly recommended!